25. 1. 2015

Be more spontaneous!

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In the previous post I shared with you couple of photos from the beautiful Edinburgh. Here are couple of more. I had a fantastic time there and I love that the trip wasnt planned at all. The day before I went to a bar with couple of my friends and at 1 in the morning we decided to go to Edinburgh. So we all went home and few hours later we were on our way. I am not a person who likes planning so this was a perfect way for me to make plans. I had such a great time even though we lost our car in the underground parking space. :D I thought it was not possible but it was. Next time I will try to pay more attention.

23. 1. 2015


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After a year and a half of living in Scotland I finally had a chance to visit Edinburgh and I absolutely loved it! It is such a cool place with so many great cafes and restaurants. I have been stuck in Aberdeen for quite a long time so I am glad I could leave for a while. I had so many trips planned this year so I am super excited. I am going to London Fashion Week, Amsterdam and also to Berlin to visit a good friend of mine. And this is just before summer. Hopefully I will be able to find a cool placement for next year and explore another country. There are just way too many places I want to visit. :)

18. 1. 2015

Photoshoot for uni Part 2

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Here is the second part of the photshoot we made for uni coursework. The model is my classmate´s father and it was great taking pics of him. He owns some great and timeless clothes and I really like his style. We had to take those pics in a bit of a rush but I am really pleased with our work. This whole experience was absolutely amazing and I would love to take more pics in the future.
Now I am also looking for some placement for next year so if anyone knows about anything fashion related I would be happy if you let me know. :)

13. 1. 2015

Exam revision

The first semester is almost over and the only exam I have is tomorrow. Most of my classmates are probably studying at the moment but not me. I can not properly concetrate so instead of my revision I decided to take couple of pics at home. It has been a while since I posted photos of me and the reason is pretty simple. Without a photographer it is pretty difficult to take pics by yourself. It takes so much time and afford and usually you end up with unusable pictures. Today I was just having fun and took few retro snapshots in my room. I am quite happy with them so now I can finally start going thought my notes and preparing for tomorrow. Wish me luck. I will need it. :)

9. 1. 2015

Photoshoot for uni part 1

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As you all know part of my coursework to uni was to create a photoshoot with theme Fifty. We were meant to be working with a photographer to create a fashion spread for our magazine. Unfortunately, our photographer was not able to work with us which I was really angry about. Now I am grateful. Thanks to that I had an opportunity to be the photographer which I really enjoyed. I am so pleased with the result and I have another thing I can out to my portfolio. Here is a first part and I will share the second one in few days. The idea of our photoshoot was to show that you can be super stylish even if you are 50 years old or more. And this wonderful lady is a great example. Her style is just awesome!

25. 12. 2014

Merry Christmas!

I just want to wish Merry Christmas to all my readers and followers! Thank you for being that supportive and I hope you are having a great time with your love ones!

19. 12. 2014

Purple rain (university article)

Finally, here we are. The first semester is almost over which means that my work for the university magazine is done. I have to say I enjoy every minute of it and it has to be my favorite modul so far. I have learnt so much and it gave me a wonderful idea on how the whole process on making a magazine works, I always wanted to work for a magazine and this modul really inspired me and made me want it even more. I had a chance to take pics of wonderful fifty year old people which I will share with you soon and it was great to hold a camera again. My father was always a great inspiration for me because his photos blows my mind everytime I look at them. Photography together with fashion gives us a wonderful opportunity to express ourselves and after this semester I want to learn more about taking pics. Who knows? Maybe one day my photos will be in real fashion magazines.
This last article is dedicated to purple coulour. Purple was a colour of royalty and there is something very sriking about it. Bold shades screams power and energy while soft shades look very feminine and vulnerable. People who love purple are usually creative, idealistic and sometimes a little bit impratical. They often dream of a future in an ideal fantasy world when everyone is happy and everything is going the right way. Well that explains why I really love this colour. I always was and I always will be a dreamer. Life can be hard sometimes so it is good to escape once in a while to your own perfect little world. I really hope that after reading this you wont think I am an absolut psycho who needs to start taking medication. I just have a big imagination.