čtvrtek 18. září 2014

New hair colour

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Greetings from Aberdeen. I already settled a little bit in a new flat and had a chance to see my friends. However, it feels so different than the previous year. Maybe because all my closest friends are gone, maybe because I am a year older and I dont really enjoy those wild parties anymore. It is weird when everyone around you is 7 years younger than you. But I will see how it goes. As you can see on those pics I have a new hair colour and I love it. It is dramatic and so cool. And I also have a new dress from my favorite shop Chi Chi. I really want to buy every single dress they offer cause they are so feminine and cute.

neděle 14. září 2014


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Those are the last pics that were taken in the Czech Republic (besides those I took with my sister and I will share with you very soon). Since yesterday Aberdeen is my new home again. I moved to a new flat close to uni and I really love it. It is way better than the previous flat and I dont have to pay more money. I also have a new flatmate which is still quite weird because me and my old flatmate Kevin were really good friends. Unfortunatelly he had to move away and so did most of my friends so I feel like I am starting again. I am bit worried if this year is going to be great but I will try to make the best of it.

čtvrtek 11. září 2014

From a charity shop: 30s vibe

I know it is been a while since I made a last post called From a charity shop but I have so many things going on now. This time I want to share with you my new dress which I bought in my favorite charity shop in Aberdeen. As a student I do not have a lot of money left for clothes so I have to think about other options. Shopping in charity shops is a great way to save money and purchase interesting pieces. For example, this dress is originally from Jane Normane and it would have cost a lot. I paid only 8 pounds which a great price. I cant wait to go back to Aberdeen and discover more amazing items. I have high hopes in my time management so I believe I will be able to post regularly and share my outfits and experience from studying in Scotland.

středa 10. září 2014

Goodbye Rhodes!

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The last article about my stay in Rhodes is here. Those seven day went out so quickly but I had a really good time. I had a time to relax, eat and read which I havent done for such a long time. Finally I finished the book called The other Boleyn girl and I have to say that I absolutely loved that. Now it is almost the time for coming back to cold Aberdeen where I will just study and work. I am not very excited about it but who knows....maybe it is going to be a great year.

Sea, sun and sand

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Mornings are the best for taking pics here but unfortunatelly I am super lazy and noone can take me out of my bed. This time I used all my power and I woke up at 7AM to go to the beach. The sea was warm and for the first time I havent felt like my brains going to explode from all the heat from the sun. We took several pictures and I also took a kilogram of sand in my swimsuit. I am afraid it will take more than a month to get rid of all the sand that is in my clothes and hair.

neděle 7. září 2014

Exploring Rhodes

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To change the stereotype of laying in the sun (or in my case hiding in the shadows) and swimming in the sea we decided to visit the capital city of Rhodos called Rhodos. Wish that all islands and countries had such an easy to remember capital city. Would save me a lot of embarrasement. Anyway, we took a bus there to see what it has to offer. I was hoping it would offer a good wi-fi cause being without internet connection is driving me crazy. Seriously, what is wrong with this island? Being able to go online is like a miracle. It happens for a really short time and you have no idea how. The city did not allow me to go online but we saw a pretty marine and so many cats. I found one between two big rocks and I was convinced it was dead. Luckily it was just sleeping and hiding from the sun but I would not like to be a cat in here. It is way to hot and it is difficult to find a food.

sobota 6. září 2014

On the other side of the camera

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Couple of weeks ago I got a new camera and I absolutely love it. I will be able to take my own pictures which saves me a lot of time and troubles with looking for a photographer. While trying my camera I found out that I enjoy taking pics and I would love to learn and practise to become a good photographer. Being on the other side of the camera is much more fun than I thought. During my stay in Rhodos I used my sister as a model and I took those photos. I am obsessed with old looking black and white pictures and I am quite happy how they turned out. How do you like my first photoshoot?