23. 5. 2015

RGU Business Ball

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Yesterday I went to the RGU Business Ball which took place in Hilton Hotel and I had a time of my life. Not only I had a chance to properly dress up but I also went with great people. It was bittersweet because one of my really good friends just left Aberdeen and moved back to Netherlands. Lately I was thinking what a shame it is that all amazing people are leaving and the assholes are still around. I will have to say goodbye to another friend on Monday but I am sure I we will see each other again. Sometimes you just know that the friendship will last forever and I am really happy that moving to Aberdeen brought me so many great friends that I will never forget.
But back to the ball. We had a delicious three course menu and champagne which was highly appreciated. :-D I also had a chance to try the Scotish dance Ceildh which was absolutely hilarious. It was nice to stop thinking for a while and just have fun.

21. 5. 2015

Grey coat

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Good evening guys! Since my summer holidays already started I finally have a bit more free time for my blog. I am still working full time in the restaurant but I dont have to worry about uni anymore which is good. Since I got the new placement I decided to reward myself with several pieces of clothing. I am planning to go on a huge shopping spree at the end of the month and send it back home so it is waiting for me when I arrive. However, I already got myself this new coat from ZNU. It is a great versatile piece and the weather is finally good enough for me to wear it. I am a sucker for fashion tights and I bought those couple of days ago. It is absolutely fine for me to wear it here in Scotland but I am slightly worried that people will stare at me back in Czech. :-D

18. 5. 2015

Exciting news

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After six months of hard work and hours of researching I finally manage to find a year placement! I am so excited though a bit scared at the same time. :) I will be working for Cosmopolitan magazine in Prague and my job description sounds absolutely amazing. If everything goes right, I will start in the middle of July, right after my trip to Berlin. I am sure it will be a great experience that will open many doors for me and I will be able to make connections that are so important in fashion world. One of my best friends from uni will be on her placement in London so it will be great if we cooperate on something together.
Also, our uni magazine was published today and I am so proud of. All the pics I took together with my product page were included so I am super glad. I will show you more in another post because I think we did a good job.

13. 5. 2015


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So my first exam is over and hopefully I will pass. I am quite happy with my answers even though I am afraid that my press release could have been better. But that doesnt matter. I am happy I was able to finish the exam since I started caughing in the middle and I couldnt stop. So you can imagine me in a huge hall with another hundreds of students caughing like crazy and disturbing everyone around....I am glad they didnt chase me from there with pitchfork. :-D Anyway I have only one last exam left on Monday and after that I am free. At least for some time. Depends if I find a placement or not.
I am also planning a gveaway for a huge goodie bag for all my lovely followers so stay tuned. It will be worth it. :)

9. 5. 2015

Golden jacket

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Just a quick post from me today. I spent an amazind day with my friends yesterday (check out my Instagram) but unfortunatelly it is time to go back to the reality. I have a PR exam on Tuesday so I have only few days left to revise. Cannot wait for the summer break so I can concentrate on stuff that I enjoy. My last exam is on 18th May and after that I am going to RGU Business Ball which will be so much fun, I already bought a stunning dress so stay update. :)

4. 5. 2015

Struggle with placement

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The end of semester is almost here and it usually means one thing. The summer holidays are here. Unfortunatelly, I am in a lot of stress lately because I need to find a year placement starting during the summer. I always knew it would be diffucult but it is way harder than I ever imagined. I sent around 100 emails to companies and designers in London and Czech and I got only around 10 replies. I decided that the best option for me will be to go to my placement to Prague so I am desperately trying to contact as many people as possible. I am offering people to work for them for free and it is extremely hard to make them reply. I would understand if my CV was not good enough but I have plenty of experience in the fashion industry. Hopefully I will be lucky soon and I will find something. Wish me luck. :)

29. 4. 2015

Snoopy tights

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Tomorrow I have a final presentation to present my summer collection that I designed. I am really excited about this whole project because it gave me a chance to create a whole marketing plan and mock-ups of social media. I just hope I wont forget how to speak English during the presentation cause the last time when I was talking in front of the class I had a word in my mind but I could only said it in Czech. :D So this time I might actually prepare the speach before.
I also discovered those cute tights with Snoopy and I am planning to by more similar pieces....not like I dont have a lot of them but you can never have enough. :)